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40 1936



Provisions in relation to the Paris Convention.

Power to give effect to the Paris Convention.

10. —The Executive Council may from time to time make such orders as appear to them necessary or expedient for carrying out the Paris Convention and for giving effect thereto or to any of the provisions thereof, and every such order shall have the force of law in Saorstát Eireann.

Power to apply Paris Convention to internal flying.

11. —The Executive Council may from time to time by order direct that the provisions of the Paris Convention for the time being in force, or any of them, and whether or not those provisions are limited to aircraft of any special description or engaged in any special kind of navigation, shall apply to or in relation to any aircraft in or over Saorstát Eireann and whenever any such order is made such of the said provisions as are specified in such order shall apply to or in relation to any aircraft in or over Saorstát Eireann.

Special provisions which may be made by Order of the Executive Council.

12. —Without prejudice to the generality of the powers conferred by the two immediately preceding sections, the Executive Council may by order made under either of the said sections make provision—

(a) prescribing the authority by which any of the powers exercisable under the Paris Convention by a contracting State or by any authority therein are to be exercised in Saorstát Eireann;

(b) for the licensing, inspection, and regulation of aerodromes, for access to aerodromes and places where aircraft have landed, for access to aircraft factories for the purpose of inspecting the work therein carried on, for prohibiting or regulating the use of unlicensed aerodromes, and for the licensing of personnel employed at aerodromes in the inspection or supervision of aircraft;

(c) as to the manner and conditions of the issue and renewal of any certificate or licence required by the order or by the Paris Convention, including the examination and tests to be undergone, and the form, custody, production, cancellation, suspension, endorsement and surrender of any such certificate or licence;

(d) as to the registration of aircraft in Saorstát Eireann;

(e) as to the conditions under which aircraft may be used for carrying passengers and goods;

(f) as to the conditions under which aircraft may pass, or passengers or goods may be conveyed by aircraft, into or from Saorstát Eireann or from one part of Saorstát Eireann to another;

(g) exempting from the provisions of the order or of the Paris Convention, or any of them, aircraft flown for experimental purposes, or any other aircraft or persons where it appears that the same should not apply;

(h) prescribing the scales of charges at licensed aerodromes;

(i) appointing any area to be a prohibited area for the purposes of the order;

(j) prescribing the fees to be paid in respect of the grant of any certificate or licence or otherwise for the purposes of the order or the Paris Convention;

(k) supplementing the Paris Convention, in such manner as appears necessary or convenient by regulations designed to promote the safety of aircraft and of persons and property carried therein, and to prevent aircraft endangering other persons and property;

(l) for the control and regulation of aerial lighthouses, lights at or in the neighbourhood of aerodromes and aerial lighthouses and lights which are liable to endanger aircraft;

(m) regulating the making of signals and other communications by or to aircraft and persons carried therein, and regulating the use of any ensign established for purposes connected with air navigation;

(n) prescribing any matter or thing referred to in this Part of this Act as prescribed.

Power to compel compliance when aircraft disobeys signals.

13. —If any aircraft flies or attempts to fly over any area appointed as a prohibited area under or by virtue of an order made under this Part of this Act or enters or attempts to enter Saorstát Eireann in contravention of any such order, the following provisions shall have effect, that is to say:—

(a) it shall be lawful for any officer designated for the purpose by such order to cause such signal as may be prescribed by such order to be given, and

(b) if, after such signal has been given, the aircraft fails to respond to such signal by complying with the provisions of such order prescribing the action to be taken on such signal being given, it shall be lawful for such officer to fire at or into such aircraft and to use any and every other means at his disposal to compel compliance;

(c) no action or other legal proceedings whatsoever, whether civil or criminal, shall be instituted in any court in Saorstát Eireann in respect of the doing of anything authorised to be done by any such officer under this section, whether such thing is done personally or by a person acting in aid; of or under the direction of such officer.

Expenses of International Commission for Air Navigation, etc.

14. —Any sums required for the contribution from Saorstát Eireann for the organisation and operations of the International Commission for Air Navigation set up under the Paris Convention, or occasioned by the sending of delegations, shall be paid by the Minister out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas.

Continuance of orders and regulations made under Part I of the Air Navigation Act, 1920.

15. —Every order and regulation made under Part I of the Air Navigation Act, 1920, and in force at the passing of this Act shall be deemed for the purposes of this Act to be made under this Part of this Act and may accordingly be amended or revoked by an order of the Executive Council, and, until so revoked and subject to any such amendment, shall continue in force.

Continuance of existing certificates and licences.

16. —Every certificate and licence granted under the Air Navigation Act, 1920, or under any order or regulations made thereunder and in force at the date of the passing of this Act shall continue in force and shall be deemed, for all purposes, to have been granted under this Act or such order or regulation.