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10 1944




Contribution by local supervising authority to cost of training midwives.

49. —A local supervising authority may, in such manner and to such extent as the Minister approves, contribute to the cost of the training of candidates for midwives' certificates, whether such training takes place within their district or elsewhere.

Annual report by medical officer of local supervising authority.

50. —The medical officer of a local supervising authority shall, before the 1st day of April in each year, prepare a report on the administration in the district of such authority during the preceding year of this Act and shall send copies of such report to the Board and to the Minister.

Report to the Board of death of midwife, etc.

51. —(1) A local supervising authority shall report to the Board—

(a) the death of any midwife practising in the district of such local supervising authority;

(b) every change in the name or address of a midwife so practising; and

(c) every conviction of an offence under this Act of a midwife so practising.

(2) A local supervising authority shall, in the month of February in each year, send to the Board a statement of the name and address of every midwife who during the month of January in that year has given to such authority a notice under sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) of section 45 of this Act.

Supply of forms by local supervising authority.

52. —Save as otherwise provided by this Act, every form to be used by a midwife shall be supplied to her free of charge by the local supervising authority concerned, together with, where the form is to be returned by post, a properly stamped envelope.

Proof of woman being or not being a midwife.

53. —A certificate purporting to be signed by the secretary of the Board or any other person authorised by the Board to sign on his behalf that any woman was or was not on a specified date a midwife shall be received in all courts without further proof as prima facie evidence of the matters which it certifies.

Powers of entry and inquiry of officers of local supervising authorities.

54. —Any officer of a local supervising authority, authorised by such authority to exercise the powers conferred by this section, may at all reasonable times enter any maternity home which is situated in the district of such authority and may there make all such inquiries as he thinks proper for the purposes of the enforcement of this Act, and if any person wilfully obstructs any such officer in making such entry or wilfully refuses to answer any such inquiry to the best of his ability, such person shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding five pounds.

Power of local supervising authority to act by their medical officer.

55. —Save as regards the granting of any authority under the next preceding section or the payment of any moneys, where any power is conferred or any duty imposed by this Act on a local supervising authority, the power may be exercised or the duty performed by such local supervising authority or, subject to their instructions, by their medical officer.

Expenses of local supervising authority which is council of a county.

56. —The expenses incurred under this Act by a local supervising authority which is the council of a county shall be raised by means of the poor rate equally over the whole of the county.

Expenses of Minister.

57. —The expenses incurred by the Minister in the administration of this Act shall, to such extent as may be sanctioned by the Minister for Finance, be paid out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas.