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30 1979



Boards of Studies

Section 9 .

1. A board of studies shall consist of the Director and such number of other members as the Council shall think proper and may, at the discretion of the Council, consist, apart from the Director, partly of persons who are members of the Council and partly of other persons, or exclusively of persons who are not members of the Council.

2. The Council may appoint a person to be chairman of a board of studies.

3. The appointment by the Council of a person to membership of a board of studies shall be subject to such conditions (including conditions as to terms and the tenure of office of the member) as the Council, with the consent of the Minister given with the concurrence of the Minister for the Public Service, may think fit to impose when making the appointment.

4. There may be paid, out of moneys at the disposal of the Council, to members of a board of studies such expenses of travel and subsistence as the Minister, with the concurrence of the Minister for the Public Service, may determine.

5. The Council may at any time dissolve a board of studies or remove a member thereof (other than the Director) from membership of the board.

Act Referred to

Higher Education Authority Act, 1971

1971, No. 22