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25 1980



The Director

Section 7.

1. The Director shall, subject to the directions of the Governing Body and the provisions of this Act, control and direct the activities of the Institute and shall control and direct the staff of the Institute in the implementation of such activities.

2. The Director shall not hold any other office or position without the consent of the Governing Body.

3. The Director shall be ex officio a member of the Governing Body and shall be entitled to be a member of every committee appointed by the Governing Body.

4. The Director shall be, ex officio, a member of the Academic Council and, if present, shall preside at all meetings of the Academic Council and shall be entitled to be a member of every committee appointed by the Academic Council.

5. Every Director, other than the first Director, shall be appointed, subject to the approval of the Minister, by the Governing Body.

6. The Governing Body may, with the consent of the Minister, remove the Director from office.

7. If the person who, on the passing of this Act, is employed as Chief Officer of the Institute is still so employed on the commencement of this Act, that person, if he so consents, shall be the first Director.

8. In case the Director by virtue of the provisions of this Act is disqualified from being a member of the Governing Body, he shall at the same time also cease to hold the office of Director.

Act Referred to

Higher Education Authority Act, 1971

1971, No. 22