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5 1989



Brussels Convention on Certain Rules Concerning Civil Jurisdiction in Matters of Collision

Interpretation of Part II .

8. —In this Part—

Contracting State” means a state in respect of which the Convention is in force in accordance with the provisions of the Convention;

the Convention” means the International Convention on certain rules concerning civil jurisdiction in matters of collision signed at Brussels on the 10th day of May, 1952.

Interpretation of Convention.

9. —For the purpose of interpreting the Convention, unless the context otherwise requires—

inland waters” includes all sea areas which lie on the landward side of the baseline of the territorial seas of the State;

port” includes any harbour, dock, pier, quay, wharf, jetty, boat slip, river, estuary or haven intended or used for the accommodation, berthing or anchorage of vessels or for the shipping, unshipping or transhipping of goods.

Contracting States.

10. —(1) The Minister for Foreign Affairs may by order declare—

(a) that any state specified in the order is a Contracting State, or

(b) that a declaration (the text of which shall be set out in the order) has been made pursuant to Article 16 of the Convention to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(2) An order in force under this section shall, as the case may be, be evidence—

(a) that any state specified in the order is a Contracting State;

(b) that a declaration set out in the order was made and of its contents.

(3) The Minister for Foreign Affairs may by order amend or revoke an order under this section including an order under this subsection.

Convention to have the force of law.

11. —(1) Subject to the provisions of this Part, the Convention shall have the force of law in the State and judicial notice shall be taken of it.

(2) The text of the Convention in the English language is set out for convenience of reference in the Second Schedule to this Act.


12. —This Part applies in relation to the jurisdiction of any court, not being admiralty jurisdiction, as well as in relation to its admiralty jurisdiction, if any.