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24 1997



An tÚdarás


49. —An tÚdarás, in furtherance of its general functions under section 3 of the Higher Education Authority Act, 1971 , shall assist the universities in achieving the objectives of Chapters IV , VII and VIII of Part III and may review—

(a) strategic development plans prepared in accordance with section 34 ,

(b) the procedures established in accordance with section 35 ,

(c) the policies set out in the statement provided for in section 36 and their implementation, and

(d) the matters referred to in section 50 , having regard to any guidelines issued in accordance with that section and information provided in accordance with section 51 ,

and may, following consultation with the universities, publish a report, in such form and manner as it thinks fit, on the outcome of any such review.


50. —(1) An tÚdarás may, following consultation with all or any of the chief officers, issue guidelines on—

(a) the numbers or grades of employees of the university, or

(b) the proportion of the budget of the university to be applied to the different activities of the university.

(2) Guidelines issued under subsection (1) shall not be binding on a university, and if a university departs from those guidelines An tÚdarás shall not, as a result of such departure, impose restrictions or conditions on the use of moneys paid to the university by An tÚdarás or otherwise limit moneys payable to the university by An tÚdarás.

Information on staffing.

51. —A university shall provide An tÚdarás with such information as An tÚdarás may from time to time request relating to the number of employees employed by the university, their composition by grade, their terms and conditions of employment (including their remuneration, fees, allowances, expenses and superannuation) and any other related matters.