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Chapter 1

Subsistence of Copyright

Copyright and copyright works.

17. —(1) Copyright is a property right whereby, subject to this Act, the owner of the copyright in any work may undertake or authorise other persons in relation to that work to undertake certain acts in the State, being acts which are designated by this Act as acts restricted by copyright in a work of that description.

(2) Copyright subsists, in accordance with this Act, in—

(a) original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works,

(b) sound recordings, films, broadcasts or cable programmes,

(c) the typographical arrangement of published editions, and

(d) original databases.

(3) Copyright protection shall not extend to the ideas and principles which underlie any element of a work, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts and, in respect of original databases, shall not extend to their contents and is without prejudice to any rights subsisting in those contents.

(4) Copyright shall not subsist in a work unless the requirements for copyright protection specified in this Part with respect to qualification are complied with.

(5) Copyright shall not subsist in a work which infringes, or to the extent that it infringes, the copyright in another work.

(6) Copyright shall not subsist in a work which is, or to the extent that it is, a copy taken from a work which has been previously made available to the public.

Copyright in literary, dramatic or musical works and original databases.

18. —(1) Copyright shall not subsist in a literary, dramatic or musical work or an original database until that work is recorded in writing or otherwise by or with the consent of the author.

(2) References in this Part to the time at which, or the period during which, a work referred to in subsection (1) is made are to the time at which, or the period during which, that work is so recorded.

(3) Copyright may subsist in a work that is recorded and may subsist in the recording of a work.

Copyright in sound recordings.

19. —Copyright shall not subsist in a sound recording until the first fixation of the sound recording is made.

Exclusion of copyright in retransmission.

20. —(1) Subject to subsection (2), copyright shall not subsist in the transmission of a broadcast or other material in a cable programme service unless the transmission alters the content of the broadcast or other materials.

(2) Nothing in subsection (1) shall affect the copyright subsisting in the broadcast or other material arising other than by virtue of the transmission.