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Chapter 9

Qualification: Performances

Definition of qualifying person.

287. —In this Part, and in Part IV

“qualifying country” means—

(a) Ireland,

(b) another Member State of the EEA, or

(c) to the extent that an order under section 289 so provides, a country designated under that section;

“qualifying individual” means a citizen or subject of, or an individual domiciled or ordinarily resident in, a qualifying country; and

“qualifying person” means an Irish citizen, or an individual domiciled or ordinarily resident in the State.

Qualifying performance.

288. —A performance is a qualifying performance for the purposes of the provisions of this Part and Part IV if it is given by a qualifying individual or a qualifying person, or takes place in a qualifying country, territory, state or area, in accordance with this Chapter.

Designation of qualifying countries.

289. —(1) The Government may be order designate as a qualifying country enjoying protection under this Part and Part IV any country, territory, state or area, as to which the government is satisfied that provision has been or will be made under its law giving adequate protection for Irish performances.

(2) For the purposes of this section, an “Irish performance” means a performance—

(a) given by an Irish citizen, or by an individual who is domiciled or ordinarily resident in the State, or

(b) taking place in the State.

(3) Where the law of that country, territory, state or area provides adequate protection only for certain descriptions of performance, an order under subsection (1) designating that country, territory, state or area may contain provision limiting to a corresponding extent the protection afforded by this Part or Part IV in relation to performances connected with the country, territory, state or area.

Territorial waters and Continental Shelf.

290. —For the purposes of this Part and Part IV

(a) acts undertaken in, on, under or over—

(i) the waters in the portion of the sea which comprises the territorial seas of the State,

(ii) the waters in all areas of the sea to which the internal or inland waters of the State are extended by section 5 of the Maritime Jurisdiction Act, 1959 , and

(iii) the waters in any area which is for the time being a designated area within the meaning of section 1 of the Continental Shelf Act, 1968 ,


(b) acts undertaken on an Irish ship, aircraft or hovercraft registered under the laws of the State,

shall be deemed to have been undertaken in the State.