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Chapter 11

Performers' Property Rights

Performers' property rights.

292. —(1) The rights conferred on a performer by sections 204, 205, 206 and 207 are property rights and shall be known and in Parts III and IV referred to as “performers' property rights”.

(2) Where different persons are (whether in consequence of a partial assignment or otherwise) entitled to different aspects of a performer's property rights in relation to a performance, the rightsowner for the purposes of Parts III and IV is the person who is entitled to the aspect of those rights relevant for those purposes.

(3) Where a performer's property rights (or any aspect of them) are owned jointly by more than one person, references in this Part to the rightsowner shall include references to all those owners, such that, in particular, any requirement of the licence of the rightsowner requires the licence of all of them.

(4) References in Parts III and IV to the consent of a performer shall be construed in relation to the performer's property rights as references to the consent of the rightsowner.