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6 1967


Chapter II


Charge; Schedules.

4. —Where any Act enacts that income tax shall be charged for any year at any rate, the tax at that rate shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, be charged for that year in respect of all property, profits, or gains respectively described or comprised in the Schedules contained in the sections of this Act enumerated below, that is to say—

Schedule A — Section 9;

Schedule B — Section 30;

Schedule C — Section 47;

Schedule D — Section 52; and

Schedule E — Section 109,

and in accordance with the provisions of this Act respectively applicable to those Schedules.

Yearly assessments.

5. —Every assessment and charge to tax shall be made for a year commencing on the 6th day of April and ending on the following 5th day of April.

Fractions of twenty shillings.

6. —The due proportion of tax shall be charged for every fractional part of twenty shillings but no tax shall be charged of a lower denomination than one penny.

Enactments in force for any year to apply to tax for succeeding year.

7. —In order to ensure the collection in due time of tax which may be imposed for any year commencing on the 6th day of April, all such provisions contained in this Act, or in any other Act relating to tax, as were in force on the preceding day, shall have full force and effect with respect to tax which may be so imposed, in the same manner as if the said tax had been actually imposed by Act of the Oireachtas and the said provisions had been applied thereto by the Act.

Charge and deduction of tax not charged or deducted before passing of annual Act.

8. —(1) Where in any year of assessment any half-yearly or quarterly payments have been made on account of any interest, dividends or other annual profits or gains, previously to the passing of the Act imposing the tax for that year, and tax has not been charged thereon or deducted therefrom, or has not been charged thereon or deducted therefrom at the rate ultimately imposed for the said year, the amount not so charged or deducted shall be charged under Case IV of Schedule D in respect of those payments, as profits or gains not charged by virtue of any other Schedule, and the agents entrusted with the payment of the interest, dividends or other annual profits or gains shall furnish to the Revenue Commissioners a list containing the names and addresses of the persons to whom payments have been made and the amount of those payments, upon a requisition made by the Commissioners in that behalf.

(2) Any person liable to pay any rent, interest or annuity, or to make any other annual payment, shall be authorised to make any deduction on account of tax for any year of assessment which he has failed to make previously to the passing of the Act imposing the tax for that year, or to make up any deficiency in any such deduction which has been so made, on the occasion of the next payment of the rent, interest or annuity, or making of the other annual payment after the passing of the Act so imposing the tax, in addition to any other deduction which he may be by law authorised to make, and shall also be entitled, if there is no future payment from which the deduction may be made, to recover the sum which might have been deducted as if it were a debt due from the person as against whom the deduction could originally have been made if the Act imposing tax for the year had been in force.